Give a New etee Shampoo and Conditioner Bar

We’ve spent the past 10 months developing a concentrated shampoo bar.  

Why has it taken so long?  

We wanted it to suds up and foam without using a lot of nasty chemicals and it turns out that wasn’t too easy to achieve.

But…. (drum roll please) AFTER ALL THIS TIME, WE THINK WE’VE NAILED IT!  And in celebration of Canadian Thanksgiving this coming Monday, we’d like to give away a shampoo AND conditioner bar to someone you care about.



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  • I nominate my sister who try to save everything

    Marilyn Byrd on
  • I nominate my dad, David, because he and my mom inspire me to make better choices for our environment and my health.

    Marina on
  • My amazing sister is who I nominate as she is always looking for organic products to wash her hair, skin, produce, dishes, and home with! She is aware of the plastic problem yet she still tends to buy her shampoo and conditioner in plastic bottles (though she does recycle… yet we don’t know where that recycling actually ends up) and I think this may inspire her to change for good! We LOVE your food wraps and have given them out as Christmas gift for the last few years! That was her idea:) I nominate my awesome sister in hopes that she will start buying plastic free hair products:) Thank you, Etee for all your awesome environmental work!!!

    Amberly on
  • I nominate my sister Betty who is always on the lookout for more environmental products to try and new ways to prevent pollution.

    Beatriz Carretero on
  • I nominate my son Aaron who loves animals and caring for their environment. Shampoo and conditioning bars would prevent so much waist and pollution and protect the earth for the animals and us.

    Ashley Pitre on
  • I nominate my daughter Zoe who is always on the lookout for more environmental products to try.

    shelley krueger on
  • I nominate my sister Miranda because she has not yet explored the plastic free world and a shampoo and conditioner bar would amaze her!

    Gaby on
  • I nominate my sister Charon. She has been my rock through the past tough years I’ve had and I always like finding new ways to show her how much she means to me. Also, she is totally infatuated with being more eco-friendly and loves doing this together with her kids (her daughter is 4 and loves to “be nice for the earth”). She is one of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure to know and if anyone deserve a nice surprise, in my opinion it shoild4definitely be here.

    Marlon on
  • I nominate my husband Larry, he’s always worked hard and put everything into taking care of his family, especially now he sacrifices everyday just to help me because of my health issues. He cares about the earth, it’s environment and wildlife just as much I as do. We try to recycle and stopped using plastic dishes, straws, etc. We try and buy things with the least bit of packing and plastics and the plastic containers we do still have we’ve repurposed for storage or other things instead of throwing in the trash.

    Sue on
  • I nominate my husband who has been a real trooper this year, going to school full time, working and being a first time dad.
    I believe etee’s products bring healthy products but also a sense that you are taking care of yourself (#selfcare) with minimal impact on our environment 🥰🌎

    Chris on

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