Give a New etee Shampoo and Conditioner Bar

We’ve spent the past 10 months developing a concentrated shampoo bar.  

Why has it taken so long?  

We wanted it to suds up and foam without using a lot of nasty chemicals and it turns out that wasn’t too easy to achieve.

But…. (drum roll please) AFTER ALL THIS TIME, WE THINK WE’VE NAILED IT!  And in celebration of Canadian Thanksgiving this coming Monday, we’d like to give away a shampoo AND conditioner bar to someone you care about.



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  • I nominate my daughter – earth friendly, ethically conscientious and heartfelt in all that is environmental.
    She would appreciate Etee’s products!

    Lynn on
  • I would like to nominate my friend Kristen to receive one because I have tried the conditioner and though it’s taken some getting used to, I like it and I think she would like too. She hasn’t tried non packaged products and I know that the environment is important to her but it’s hard to leave your comfort zone when you are used to having the liquid kind.

    Sarah McGee on
  • My husband has a Giant beard & we love your anti-packaging philosophy!

    Meegan on
  • I nominate my oldest sister Laura. She and I share many things, including a deep anxiety over the state of the world. She’s very preoccupied with work and her kids and can’t always stop to think about changing her habits, and I know she would be thrilled to receive something like this as a gift

    Caitlyn Wright on
  • I nominate my mom. She is trying hard to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable, and thinks it always great when o show her new products like yours.

    Jocelyn Beattie on
  • I nominate my daughter, a third year university student who tries her best to use climate friendly and ethical products and has helped me discover many better options to reduce strain on the planet and promote ethically sourced products.

    Margreet on
  • I nominate my mom because she doesn’t think that shampoo bars/conditioners will would as good as liquid ones. She sees my current shampoo/conditioner bars make my hair oily, so I would love for her to try the etee version.

    Ever Cook on
  • I nominate my friend Austeen and her fiancee, Dylan. They are very conscious of Mother Earth, the environment and our waters. A deserving couple, especially since they recently bought a new home!!

    Mary Ann on
  • I nominate my sister Kim. She’s been considering plastic free options at my encouragement . I’d love for her to have the chance to try out excellent alternatives so she can see how unnecessary plastic can be.

    Koren Erler on
  • Everything does not come from a plastic bottle, MOM! “#”EverthingTouchesEverythingElse!!

    Sue on

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