What Product should we launch next?

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  • I live in a high desert area where is is always dry. With winter coming on now my lips are always dry and uncomfortable. I’d love some new lip balm, as long as it is NOT coconut! FYI I see a request of possible toilet paper production. I joined and purchased a huge carton of so called eco friendly T.P. from another company. While it was that, it shredded something awful as do even many more commercial brands. Just sayin.

    Melinda on
  • All purpose cleaner, please.

    Belzer Kathryn on
  • Love your products

    Florette Lynn, on
  • Oh, yes, dishwashing detergent!

    Of the choices above, I guess I would choose fluoride toothpaste

    Michele W. on
  • I find the dish soap disappointing. It doesn’t cut the grease for long. I often have to get rid of the water and get new soap and water to complete the job.

    would love a general purpose cleaner

    your laundry stuff is great

    patricia marra on
  • I volunteer at a non-profit kitchen. We hand out plastic cutlery to the homeless. It would be nice to be able to afford recyclable or compostable cutlery. The monies are tight, so this product has to comparable to the plastic in cost.

    Susan on
  • The mouthwash is what I chose, but I am always looking for a good safe toothpaste. I personally would only buy toothpaste without fluoride. I do like whitening though.

    Janine on
  • A mouthwash would be a great idea as well as a mint toothpaste (also a shampoo bar would be my added suggestion, the conditioner works great).

    Kurtis on
  • The mouthwash (plastic free would also be nice) and I’m still awaiting a shampoo bar. I use the mason jar with a pour spout rather than the pump (which has plastic parts) for the dish soap.

  • You need a better pump for the mason jar dish soap dispenser, please🙏

    MS Bevo Cathcart Tarika on

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