What Product should we launch next?

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  • I think that the products which would have the biggest impact would be more storage and “On the Go” items, such as mesh bags for supermarket shopping, e.g., fruit and vegetables. And, if possible, some type of very lightweight see-through bags we can use when buying nuts, grains, etc., in bulk, from dispensers.

    Jonathan Katz on
  • Plastic free mouth wash with cavity prevention would be great!

    Laurie Mead McGrory on
  • Toothpaste or deodorant

    Julie Roddick on
  • Ditto Plastic free shampoo.

    Patricia Biga on
  • Either the all purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner, or fluoride toothpaste.

    If you do a fluoride toothpaste, please include one for sensitive teeth! I can’t stop using my sensodyne or pronamel because there are no plastic-free alternatives. Help!

    Heather on
  • Plastics free hair shampoo

    Doris Litke on
  • Waste free UNSCENTED deodorant that doesn’t leave white residue from zinc, but actually works.

    Katy on
  • A tile floor cleaner (. what I need the most )

    SUsana on
  • I’d like to try the toothpaste. I don’t like the tablets.

    Micki on
  • I think an environmentally friendly cleaner would be great!

    Angela Burns on

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