100 Million Plastic Utensils Are Used in America Every Day... REALLY?

Fake News, Click Bait or Factual Scientific Data?


100 Million Plastic Utensils... Really? from Steve Reble on Vimeo.

We see reference to our disposable plastic culture every day, so much so, that we at etee HQ have become numb to it.  So Steve headed out on the streets in Toronto (a City of approximately 5 million) to try and give the stat surrounding the use - and potential abuse - of plastic cutlery some context.

Here's what he found.


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  • It’s absolutely frightening how much plastic is used and thrown away and thanks to organisations like Greenpeace and WWF we are seeing the devastating effects plastic is having on our lives and animals lives, especially sea life. China is the biggest culprit in producing plastic and polluting the air with their mass factories! The governments and world leaders need to address this problem by having talks and coming to an agreement with China in order to reduce the amount of plastic they are producing. This has to be addressed sooner rather than later as if nothing is done very soon, the build up of plastic in our oceans and on landfill will continue, as we keep on using it on a daily basis in all sorts of ways, having extreme dire effects on us, our environment and also the animals and their habitats. This has to stop. And it has to stop NOW!!

    Sharon Hazelden on
  • And that,s just the tip of the ‘plastic’ ice burg. Looking at my own 83 yr. old life at home, it,s absolutely gross and disturbing how much plastic wrap, containers, etc. etc, becomes waste!! When I take my recyclables to our special area in my apartment bldg.,
    I,m absolutely appalled and disgusted what I see there!
    Even though we all try…there,s just too much produced. The source of these plastic items have to be addressed at their source of manufacture….
    Just signed a petition to create a Nobel Prize for climate change.
    Perhaps it,s time to do the same for plastic…there,s just too much in our lives.
    I purchased a frozen pizza recently, and while eating it found a piece of hard plastic in my mouth!
    I shudder to think of what I eat when I eat fish..which I do often!

    Cecilia BRown on

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