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We believe we should give back - it's totally in line with our mission. Cash would be tough at this stage of our growth, but I'm sure there is so much more we could do. I'd love your suggestions. I'm thinking something that is in line with our goal of making 'PLASTIC FREE LIVING' accessible to EVERYONE!

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I’ve always envisioned your products as part of the Disaster Relief Kits handed out by the Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc. to people that have been displaced due to natural disasters. When I see images of people in shelters I realize that they are there temporarily and they receive these kits with the travel size personal care items. Then I think about how much of that is in stock someplace, which means that eventually it is thrown out after it is used. It’s all temporary and mass produced and destined for a landfill. What a great way to utilize your entire product line.” (C McHenry)

This suggestion has a vibe, and although we can’t get this idea done as of now, we came up with a slightly easier alternative. 

So, in the New Year, we’ll be giving our local community shelters (we operate out of Parkdale in Toronto and there are a lot of shelters around here) everyday essentials like our toothbrushes, floss and dish soaps and we'll post results here. 

Thanks again for all the input team!


Giving Tuesday

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  • A shopping bag/purse/tote – with pockets inside and two larger ones on the outside on each side. Inside a zippered compartment for wallet. A smaller one for ie hearing aid batteries, a glasses case – sized one, Kleenex, pencil and date planner, cell phone, car keys and a large flat rectangular bottom for groceries/yarn/runners – whatever.

    Bonita on
  • How about offering workshops at your local library or community centre? People often seem confused about how to reduce plastic in their lives, but this could be a way to get info out to people who are interested but don’t know where to start.

    Stephanie on
  • How about donating products to a local homeless shelter?

    John on

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