Merry Christmas!

Happy holidays friends!

Little known fact... pretty much everyone at etee has some sort of background in music, so each year we put together a Christmas track.  Here's one from a couple years back featuring Jackie Game - our head of production - Steve and Mark (Jackie's boo) and OF COURSE Burleigh the dawg (who somehow manages to get in every video we shoot).

The video - btw - was shot in High Park Toronto on a rare occasion when a natural rink was born between the trees on a particularly cold winter.  It was a rare and magical moment.

Hope you enjoy it and your holiday times...

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  • Beautiful video and song rendition! The skating reminds me of skating and scooting on little ponds and streams in Wisconsin as a child. Thanks for posting this!

    Judy Bernstein on
  • Thank you for your beautiful message! ( and your great products! )

    Mary Ann on

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