A natural Deodorant, without the pesky tube!

What memories or stories do these two letters bring to your mind… B…O?

I know, lol, you are probably thinking “What the heck Monique! I buried those memories deep inside!” TRUST ME, we ALL have body odour stories and pit stain tales. 

It’s challenging to find a natural deodorant that WORKS.  And we have the anecdotes to prove it!

Well… you guessed it. SEARCH NO MORE. Your quest has finally been realized. INTRODUCING…

etee deodorant

We are so thrilled to be launching our first version of our natural deodorant. And three lucky winners will get theirs on us.  

All you have to do is comment below with your BO / Pit stain story and you'll be entered into a draw to win*!

*winners will be contacted via email for shipping information.


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  • I have been trying all natural deodorants recently just to stop using chemicals under my arms I tried Native but it is in a plastic bottle. It worked for a bout 2 hours then I could smell myself. Last week I saw Tom’s all natural and in a cardboard bottle a roll on. I was so pleased to find this until I tried it. I will say that With-in about 1 hour of using it I could smell the BO and was vey conscious of this as I went to the gym after work. Luckily it was pretty empty so I was fine. I was so disappointed with it. I really hope you can come up with something that isn’t in plastic and really works to stop you stinking. This is a big issue I have found with the natural deodorants

    Karen on
  • Deodorants historically cause me to have an odor. I most often skip them entirely and will use a salt crystal when I know I will be subject to excessive heat and activities. But it comes in plastic. Just yesterday I bought a planet-conscious brand in a cardboard container and yikes I smelled horrible all day. Can you make a deodorant that works when you need it and doesn’t leave you smelly?

    Nancy on
  • I’m a small woman and was never seriously athletic so any deodorant usually works. I’ve been using liquid crystal, which is great, but….plastic bottle. Maybe you can do one with liquid crystal deodorant? I’d buy it.

    onjoy on
  • I call my pits the girls. One girl stinks more than the other. Why is that? Anyway, I have been using a solid crystal deodorant that just doesn’t hold up through the day. I recently switched to a liquid crystal deodorant, and it’s great, but it’s still in plastic. I look forward to trying this new product!

    Pollie Price on
  • I have generally been happy with Lush’s “Aromaco” deodorant, but it does tend to dry out and crumble, and becomes irritating on sensitive underarm skin! Would love an alternative…

    Dave Noiseux on
  • Since radiation for left breast cancer almost 10 years ago, I’ve been searching for a natural deodorant that keeps my pits smelling good with reapplying every few hours. I’ve mostly succeeded on the right side, but not so much on the left—it can be pretty bad! And the left underarms of my clothes will smell too—I need to wash them after one wearing! it would be wonderful to banish bo in both pits!!

    Marlene on
  • I gave up icky aluminum deodorants a couple of years ago after contracting a mysterious infection in both my armpits that may or may not been caused by that. I even had to go to the dermatologist to rid myself of it! After that I changed absolutely everything about what touched my armpits. The search for a good natural deodorant has not stopped… two years later here I am hoping etee will be the solution I’ve been looking for!

    Sarah on
  • For some reason I only experienced BO in my left arm pit, very disturbing.I am glad that I no longer have any odour in either pit now, Thanks!

    Terry Wilson on
  • We find that Crystal roll on unscented works the best as it doesn’t stain. It does have Potassium Alum which I am questioning if it is any better than aluminum. I have tried a charcoal one and other natural ones but they stain or are not effective. Very frustrating.
    I would be thrilled if yours does not stain and works for smell.

    Colleen Fedak on
  • I’m tired of the choice being between a deodorant that works and a deodorant without a plastic tube. Only the “natural” deodorants come in cardboard. They are not effective and often have a gross texture. Help!

    Sherry on

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