What Products Should We Produce in 2021?

Posted by Steve Reble on

It’s that time again - the time of year where we start planning what products to release in 2021!

So….  What DO YOU think we should launch in 2021?

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  • A liquid to use for HAND WASHABLES

    Irene Robirtis on
  • Trash bags!

    Kay on
  • A plastic-free shower cap would be delightful!

    Cee on
  • Toilet bowl brush
    Bio degradable garbage bag that are tall enough (all the others are too short for some reason. Look at the comments on Amazon)

    Geneva on
  • biodegradable takeout containers
    non-plastic storage and freezer containers

    Sue Masterman on
  • Bamboo floss aide to replace single-use flossers. With a section to place a spool of floss in the handle, and a cutter at the top edge.
    Plastic-free and toxic-free paints, markers, highlighters and pens.
    Plastic-free common makeup items like mascara, eye-liner, and eye shadow.
    Reusable take out containers you can bring to restaurants when ordering, like refillable coffee mugs and boba tea cups.
    Biodegradable and toxic-free feminine hygiene products and condoms.

    Brianna Kennedy on
  • Since you are a Canadian company, I would like to see us to be able to pay in Canadians currency, and not in US currency. Also all the above suggestions are great.

    Elizabeth Fisher on
  • -bio degradable garbage bags
    -all-purpose household cleaner
    -eco-friendly freezer containers
    -multi purpose small storage containers

    Bonnie Levine on
  • reusable bags to buy produce at the grocery store, thanks

    Karen on
  • reusable bags to buy produce at the grocery store, thanks

    Karen on

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