Which Plastic-Free Packaging Should We Go With?

As you all know, etee loves feedback from our plastic-free community, and we need your help again.

We are re-developing the packaging of our bamboo toothbrushes and we're stuck in the middle with these two.



 Do you like the concept of 'YOUR ______ OUR PLANET'? Is it too preachy for those who aren't so 'eco oriented'? Our goal with all our messaging is to connect, NOT divide, but we love how this ties to our name - Everything Touches Everything Else.

We would love your input! Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Your toothbrush, our planet.

    Elspeth on
  • I agree: YOUR toothbrush, OUR planet

    Becky on
  • YOUR toothbrush OUR planet

    Emily on
  • Replace the plastic bristles, then I can recycle the whole thing. The plastic bristles really bother me. I like “Your toothbrush, your planet”

    Cather on
  • I like A but I agree with Eileen Andrews make both nouns large for good effect.

    Annette Widmeyer on
  • I like Eileen Andrews’ suggestion, that the pronouns be large.

    tace hedrick on
  • I also think “YOUR toothbrush, OUR planet” is the way to go. This is what my mind wanted to read when I looked at both of your logos.

    Kimberly Seguin on
  • In view of your intention to connect/foster cohesiveness: a message such as “YOUR toothbrush – OUR planet” is a gentle reminder of the reason for purchasing your products, while placing the emphasis not on the product but on the possessive pronouns.

    Abigail Holms on
  • I like NEITHER as they are.

    I like OUR Toothbrush <3 Our Planet.


    Amy F on
  • I think I like an idea along the lines of “your toothbrush – OUR planet. I don’t think “YOUR TOOTHBRUSH” should be the biggest part that stands out.

    Christine Petosa on

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