Which Plastic-Free Packaging Should We Go With?

As you all know, etee loves feedback from our plastic-free community, and we need your help again.

We are re-developing the packaging of our bamboo toothbrushes and we're stuck in the middle with these two.



 Do you like the concept of 'YOUR ______ OUR PLANET'? Is it too preachy for those who aren't so 'eco oriented'? Our goal with all our messaging is to connect, NOT divide, but we love how this ties to our name - Everything Touches Everything Else.

We would love your input! Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Like B – without thinking about it too much.
    However – when I think about it – I like both “YOUR TOOTHBRUSH. OUR PLANET” best

    MImi on
  • Between these two choices, I prefer B but I agree with others that our planet could be bolder. I understand toothbrush needs to stand out but the difference between the two fonts is excessive.

    Kate on
  • B
    It is the customer’s toothbrush. The creative layout is cleaner and the messages are the same with both options, emphasis or not. Nice work 👍

    Jryde on
  • B

    KAthy on
  • I don’t see any difference

    Carole Lennon on
  • I like B.

    Adrienne Cone on
  • I would go for be and to soften the tag line use “Our only planet”. The 3 words in smaller type will center nicely under “Your Toothbrush”

    Kieser John Damian on
  • Sorry, but they look the same to me. :) Go for it! Close your eyes and pick. :)

    Barbara Hughes on
  • Bold BOTH “planet” and the product (here “toothbrush”, tomorrow “sponge”…..). Planet and the products we use are linked, they way you display them should be too.

    CLara on
  • I would prefer to open the “B” package. It looks more enticing. After all, I’d be purchasing it for the very reason that it’s eco-friendly to begin with and the bolder statement connects.
    Bonnie Levine on

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