Dish Soap Bar Starter Kit
Dish Soap Bar Starter Kit

Dish Soap Bar Starter Kit

$23.50 USD

Loved by dishes, wallets
and Wallabies the planet over

We've ditched the packaging and created a bar of dish soap that's easy to use and super effective in cleaning your grimy dishes. Washing Dishes Never Looked So Good!

If you're not totally certain a bar of dish soap is your thing, this Dish Soap Bar Starter Kit is made for you. 

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Dish Soap Bar Starter Kit Details:

We include 1 Plastic-Free Dish Soap Bar, 1 Biodegradable Cellulose Cleaning Cloth and 1 Biodegradable Loofie (one side loofah plant, one side cellulose cloth) in this kit to get you started. This ensures that absolutely no microplastics going down your drain!

  • Plastic of any kind 
  • Synthetic fragrance, dye, synthetic foaming agents,
  • unnatural preservatives
  • water softening agents, pH adjusters, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, anything from formaldehyde.

Dish soap: USDA Organic Coconut oil, USDA Organic Castor Oil, USDA Organic Coco Butter, USDA Organic Organic Cane Sugar & Lemon Essential Oil

Size: Each bar is 6 ounces

Scent: Coconut lemon

Loofie: Loofies have a layer of loofah plant paired with a layer of cellulose cloth, which are 100% natural and made of wood & cotton cellulose.

Cellulose cloth: etee cellulose cloths are 100% natural, made of wood & cotton cellulose

It takes a bit of a mind shift, but it's actually pretty easy to use!

Rub your dish cloth, scrubbie or dish brush onto the bar of soap, then get straight to cleaning your dishes! Wrapping a cellulose cloth around the bar of dish soap and using it directly on dishes makes for an easy, effective clean. Lay your bar soap on a scrubbie, and it becomes it's own little dish washing hero!

  1. Before your first use, rinse thoroughly under running water.
  2. Squeeze out excess water to increase absorbency.
  3. These guys are amazing for washing dishes (super gentle and spongy) and they're great for cleaning all surfaces - particularly good at cleaning stainless steel appliances.
  4. To clean, you can throw it on the top rack of your dishwasher, or in your washing machine. Don't tumble dry them. Just air dry them or reuse right away!

What size are the cloths?

To keep your Loofie clean you can chuck a damp one into the microwave for 10 seconds, or lay it onto the top rack of your dishwasher for a cycle. Washing machines or clothes dryers are not recommended.

Change your Loofie every 3 to 5 weeks, depending on usage.

When you're done with it, since it's fully biodegradable, you can chuck it in the garbage, compost or bury it the garden. Loofie will decompose within a month :).

  • When you subscribe to our subscription plan, we ship you product every 1-6 months.
  • Cancel anytime.

Ditch the plastic dish soap containers

Wash your dirty dishes without adding dirty plastic to our planet. Etee's dish soap bars are vegan friendly and available in a naturally refreshing coconut and lemon scent.

Waste not, want not

The benefits of our dish soap bar:

  • Zero waste
  • No synthetic fragrance
  • No unnatural preservatives
  • Ruthless on grease
  • Perfect for using with our loofie scrubber or cellulose cloth

Buy this, not paper towel

Toss out gross dish sponges and never buy another paper towel. etee Cellulose Towels are the minimal waste solution to housekeeping! These handy, plastic free cloths are just as absorbent as cotton. The textured surfaces make them excellent for dish duty. Plus, since they can be used with most traditional cleaning sprays, they work well for wiping down counters and appliances, cleaning mirrors, polishing furniture--anything you normally would use a paper towel or rag for.

Multi-surface cleaning sponge

Name a surface, our loofie can clean it:

  • Sinks
  • Pans and pots
  • Glass
  • Granite
  • Cutlery
  • Tiles

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Sarah CE
Dish soap innovation

I love the set—the bar of dish soap works well, and the scrub pad is just what’s needed. Satisfied customer here.

Thank you for your kind words Sarah! We're thrilled to hear that you're loving your dish soap bar and loofie :) Happy dishwashing!

Marlene Zider
Wonderful products!

I was skeptical, but gave them a try and loved them! I’m not wasting dish soap any more, the sponge is so much better than any other sponge I’ve used, and the soap scent is gentle. The soap rinses very easily, I’m actually using less water.

Lisa Jones
Love this!

I’m so happy we found a replacement for dish soap in plastic bottles! Nice suds and great cleaning power, cuts grease like a champ!

Jeremy Emerson
Love it

All items in kit are now a must in my kitchen. Especially, the dish bar soap. First off I save so much water using the bar soap, no need to fill a sink full of water to use. Also, no need to let the dishes pile up, bar soap makes it easy to wash as you go about your day. The fragrance is the best!

Love this kit

This kit ALMOST makes me want to do dishes only by hand.

Dish Bar Soap lasts

This is my second bar. I enjoy using it better that the liquid. It lasts a long time for me. I cut it in half and use one half at a time. I took the 1/4 of the last one when I went camping. No spills. Glad to have a new sponge and wipe too. Starting anew with the set.

Jean Schramm
Great Products

The sponge lasts a long time and the cloth does a nice job cleaning counters and spills. This is is the second time I've ordered these items and I recommend them to others. I'll continue to reorder regularly. Thanks so much for good quality and reliable products.

Barbara Buchanan
Good quality

I am trying to reduce my foot print and this is in the right direction. Soap is a good cleaner and sponges and loofa awesome for cleanup

Tony Johnston
Love it

Great product, so far I love it

Jen K.
Love all 3 in this trio!

I like to have a ‘handful’ when washing dishes or countertops so I have always preferred sponges over cloths. But I was so ready to ditch the petro-sponge. Even though loofie isn’t as hefty as the common dish sponge, I still love it! It is holding up really well and has a good scrubby side. Best part....all natural! The cellulose cloth is way better than I expected. Nice in the hand, is also holding up really well, squeezes out nicely, and minor detail, I love the colour. The soap is sudsy (maybe not fill-a-sink-with-sudsy-water sudsy but I don’t think that’s what it was designed for), and cuts grease. All three are working great for me. A very easy and welcomed switch from the plastic-packaged non-biodegradable versions I was previously using. Very happy!