Foaming Soap Dispenser
Foaming Soap Dispenser
Foaming Soap Dispenser
Foaming Soap Dispenser

Foaming Soap Dispenser

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Style? Jar and Pump Combo

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A perfect dispenser to house your new foaming hand soap!

Grab a 16 oz glass mason jar with either a black foaming soap dispenser cap and pump (this pump has the least plastic that we could source and is offered only due to popular demand).

Made with durable, BFA free, and rust free components.

Customer Reviews

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Kari O'Briant
Works great

It looks very simple and clean, which is an aesthetic appreciated in my house! We've been using it for a few weeks and it's great.

Foamy soap

So much more economical using the foaming soap dispenser than the regular one. Works beautifully!

Very good! lasts a long time, better than Blueland

I had ordered these hand pumps in the past and they last much longer than the hand pumps provided by Blueland whose pumps only lasted a few months. I got replacement pumps and those lasted a few months to. These are much better quality.

Terri Templeman
love it!!!

This dispenser works really well and I love the fact that the container is glass. A good buy!

Trevor Garland
Delightful stream of soft foan speeds handwashing

It is thick Mason jar with a metal top and plastic foam dispenser. Press once to receive enough foam to completely wash. es, it is glass, but it is very solid unless you throw it or drop it from a height. Our grandkids 7 and 9 have no trouble with it. We have two bathrooms and a kitchen sink and is great everywhere.