A dish soap bar, dish scrubber and reusable paper towel

Dish Soap Bar Starter Kit

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Dish soap BAR, you say? How does this work?

Super easy - we've ditched the packaging and created a bar of dish soap that's easy to use and super effective in cleaning your grimy dishes. Washing Dishes Never Looked So Good!

If you're not totally certain a bar of dish soap is your thing, this starter kit is made for you. Get to know these plastic-free dish cleaning products before moving forward with bulk purchases of them! We include 1 Plastic-Free Dish Soap Bar, 1 Biodegradable Cellulose Cleaning Cloth and 1 Biodegradable Loofie (one side loofah plant, one side cellulose cloth) in this kit to get you started. This ensures that absolutely no microplastics going down your drain!

What's in the Bar Soap?  Our bar soap is entirely plant based including USDA Organic Coconut oil, USDA Organic Castor Oil, USDA Organic Coco Butter, USDA Organic Organic Cane Sugar & Lemon Essential Oil

How do I use this thing? It takes a bit of a mind shift, but it's actually pretty easy to use! Rub your dish cloth, scrubbie or dish brush onto the bar of soap, then get straight to cleaning your dishes! Wrapping a cellulose cloth around the bar of dish soap and using it directly on dishes makes for an easy, effective clean. Lay your bar soap on a scrubbie, and it becomes it's own little dish washing hero!

Customer Reviews

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Lisa Jones
Love this!

I’m so happy we found a replacement for dish soap in plastic bottles! Nice suds and great cleaning power, cuts grease like a champ!

Jeremy Emerson
Love it

All items in kit are now a must in my kitchen. Especially, the dish bar soap. First off I save so much water using the bar soap, no need to fill a sink full of water to use. Also, no need to let the dishes pile up, bar soap makes it easy to wash as you go about your day. The fragrance is the best!

Love this kit

This kit ALMOST makes me want to do dishes only by hand.

Jean Schramm
Great Products

The sponge lasts a long time and the cloth does a nice job cleaning counters and spills. This is is the second time I've ordered these items and I recommend them to others. I'll continue to reorder regularly. Thanks so much for good quality and reliable products.

Barbara Buchanan
Good quality

I am trying to reduce my foot print and this is in the right direction. Soap is a good cleaner and sponges and loofa awesome for cleanup