Household Cleaner Spray Bottle (Glass or Aluminum)

$20.00 USD

Household Cleaner Spray Bottle (Glass or Aluminum)

16oz Glass or Aluminum bottle with spray nozzle

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Virginia Paulsen
It saddens me

to write that the white plastic top on this spray bottle is very flimsy and broke before dispensing one full bottle’s worth of cleanser. Now I have a perfectly fine glass bottle with no way to spray its contents. Otherwise, I'm a big fan of etee & their mission. Perhaps because it's plastic?!!!

Thanks for letting us know Virginia! We'll send you a replacement AND we're trying to source a better quality. Appreciate the feedback.

Susan Petcoff
Good idea

I like the stainless steel and am happy to never buy another plastic sprayer. Needs a label, and a label maker label sticks well. The small amount of plastic in the sprayer is understandable, but I’ll be relieved when it can be replaced by something recyclable.

LeAnn Livengood

Love the aluminum spray bottle. It is light weight and perfect for the cleaner. Love the cleaner as well.