Best Sellers of Body Care
Best Sellers of Body Care
Best Sellers of Body Care
Best Sellers of Body Care

Best Sellers of Body Care

$64.00 USD

Best Sellers Kit

Grab some of our new and best selling body care products - compiled into a handy dandy bundle for you (or a loved one!) This kit includes 1 Honey Lemon Bar (3.1oz), 1 Jumbo Mint Lip Balm, 1 Lotion Bar, 1 Lavender Shampoo, 1 Lavender Conditioner, 1 Charcoal and Aloe Facial Bar(3.1oz) and 1 jar of our Prebiotic Deodorant

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
I loved it all!

My absolute favorite is the shampoo and conditioner. I will never have to buy myself traditional shampoo again. These bars smell amazing and my frizzy ass hairy has tried it all! Not only is my hair so much more manageable, I'm also spending way less time letting product sit, then rinsing it, just to repeat it 700 more times until it feels clean. So now I'm using less product and wasting less water in the shower. The face bar is great just don't get it into your eyes. Ouch! My husband loves the shave bar and we may now say, "adios", to aerosol cans. Yay! I was really surprised that I loved the lip balm too. I cant use lip balm unless it's medicated and this formula does not dry my lips out, it tastes great (who doesn't eat their lip gloss, come on!) and it doesn't irritate my lips like others do. The deodorant smells amazing and I believe I am going through some hormonal changes because I am more "fragrant" than normal. So the deodorant does work but not as long lasting as Id like. I will have to re-apply throughout the day, especially if I'm exercising. I will try the probiotic one next. That bamboo scooper thingy is really nice to use with the deodorant because I am always rushing. I haven't used much of the lotion yet other than on my hands and its not greasy at all. Its hard to get used to a tin and not conveniently pumping it into my hands. Oh such problems, haha. Trying to be conscious of my waste isn't easy but I feel that all of these products make it easier and fun. I love you etee. My new go-to's.

Best seller body care

I have started using most of the products. I really like the shampoo & conditioner, better than any other brands liquid or solid. I’ve been using them for a while as I had bought a few times before buying this kit. The soap is great, lathers well and the lather lasts rather than disappearing like some other natural soaps I’ve tried. The lip balm is great as well, good as any I’ve tried. The lotion bar works but is a bit hard to soften, and the scent is so-so. I have not used the face soap or deodorant yet, as I have other products to finish.

Amy P.
Supports my New Year's resolution to use less plastic

Lathering with the shampoo bar took some getting used to, but now that I have the hang of it I love it! My hair is softer and smoother than it was with my bottled shampoo. If I don't have time to wash and skip a day, my hair looks much better than skipping a day with traditional shampoo. I was skeptical about the facial bar but it actually lathers similarly to what I was using before. So far I've been very satisfied with everything I've tried!

Raffaela Caruso

Everything I’ve tried is great! Love this set to be able to experience many things.

Ni Kichman

Only received the floss and one bar with no labels. Very disappointed!

Hey Ni,

Thank you for taking the time to leave us your review. This is very odd I have to say! We take pride in our packaging & love sharing it with our customers. All bars are branded in either a belly band or the kraft bag you received with a specific sticker for that product. Mistakes happen, but this is not the experience we want our customers to have. I also want to assure you & anyone reading this review, this very unusual.
I will be contacting you privately to make this right, please keep an eye on your inbox for that response :)