Oddly Sewn Sandwich Bags | Hand Made in Toronto

Oddly Sewn Sandwich Bags | Hand Made in Toronto

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Same amazing product, just a little uniquely sewn. Welcome to our ugly duckling(although we still think they're cute), sandwich bags. And for a discounted price. 

The size of each sandwich bag is approximately 8" x 9".

They are reusable. They are biodegradable. They are plastic-free.



- Organic cotton muslin with non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes

- USDA approved Certified Organic beeswax

- Coniferous tree resin

- A touch of soy wax

- Organic jojoba oil

- Organic cinnamon and clove essential oils



After use, simply rinse in cool water - hot water will reduce the wax coating - and wash with an eco-friendly soap (avoid ethanol based soaps) with your hands or a cloth, just like you would a dish.

Stand the bag upside down, or hang to dry. Heck, you can be a lil' crazy, towel it dry and reuse immediately.


AVOID - Microwaves and ovens, hot food, uncooked meat and more than a month of freezer use.

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Vickie S.
Stop plastic use

I love these non-plastic wraps. They hold together well in whatever shape you need. Wash after use with slightly soapy warm weather. Let air dry and they are good for many, many more uses. One little step to stop using a plastic.