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How Many? 1 SoapStandle

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Soap bars present one problem - soap goo - that icky ooz that gradually builds in traditional soap dishes.  When goo develops, your soap dissolves faster, and instead of cleaning that soap goes down the drain.

The SoapStandle allows bar soap to ‘shed’ water and dry, so “goo” never develops, which ensures your bar soaps last longer.   In other words, the SoapStandle saves you money by extending the life of your bar soaps.  . 

Made with recycled plastic, the SoapStandle is also reusable and recyclable.  

It’s simple to use. Just press your soap bar down firmly onto SoapStandle’s rounded points — it attaches to, and stays with, the bar. Your soap will last longer and it won’t slip from your hand. When you’re ready, move your reusable SoapStandle to a new bar!

SoapStandle works with ALL etee bars - Hand & Body Bars, Facial Cleansing Bars, Shave Bars, AND Shampoo & Conditioner bars.

Made in the U.S.A.   |    Reusable    |     Recyclable

Customer Reviews

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Barbara Roberts
Just what I've been looking for!

I absolutely love the soap standle! It's just what I've been wishing for - something to keep my shower shelf free from soap scum. It's such a simple idea but it works great, plus the soap doesn't slide all over the place.

Anna Wirt
Great product!

The soap standles are wonderful! After having to use a butter knife to pry my bath soap from the counter where I had it in my shower, I now have an EASY way to handle it. Very much worth the purchase.

Amanda Z
Sounds weird, but totally saves your sink/counter

Love the soapstandle. We have… 9 of them now? We use them in all of our bathrooms, and having switched to bar soaps, shampoos, and conditioners, we use the soapstandles in our bathtubs/showers as well. Works best with square/rectangular bar soaps; doesn’t work great with curved bar soaps like Dove.