Washing Machine Cleaner
Washing Machine Cleaner
Washing Machine Cleaner
Washing Machine Cleaner
Washing Machine Cleaner
Washing Machine Cleaner

Washing Machine Cleaner

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Did you know that regular washing-machine maintenance helps to prevent buildup of nasties like soap deposits, dirt, mold & mildew? All of these can be harmful to your washing machine, clothes, and most importantly, your health. Our NEW Washing Machine Cleaner is formulated with very low toxicity / natural ingredients that get right to work at removing and preventing odour-causing residue and build up from regular use. Plastic consumption has skyrocketed in the last 10 months, let's be leaders by showing that it's possible to stay clean AND green.

What’s Inside?

  • Low Toxicity Formulation (Scent & Dye Free)
  • Safe for the planet - Biodegradable & Septic Safe
  • High performance without harsh chemicals

What’s NOT Inside?

  • PVA / PVOH Dissolvable Plastic
  • Animal testing
  • Bleach, Sulphates, parabens, Phthalates & harsh chemicals

Goodbye Plastic… Helloooooo fresh and clean machine!

*Fragrance & Dye Free
*Compatible with all washing machines.

Sodium carbonate - EWG 1 
Sodium percarbonate - EWG -1
Sodium coco sulfate - EWG - 1
Citric acid - EWG - 1
* https://www.ewg.org/

All packaged in a paper bag with a 100% biodegradable lining - including the 'zip' closure. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Carrie Bither
Did the job

My front load machine smells fresh and clean, no more musty smell. I highly recommend.

Frances Cox
Washing machine cleaner

Didn't think this would work, it did. Less grud in the laundry tub, drum sparkles, clothes look cleaner and everything smells good now. I have a front loader and I wipe it out with a weak bleach solution once a week so I only had that sour musty smell once but the cleaner cleans the outer drum part I can't see. I will be getting more. I like that it's safer and more eco friendly than bleach.

jen k
Great product

And the scent is perfect. I had to buy some other product from the grocery store- my hubby who is sensitive about scents immediately noticed and was bothered by this other unnamed product. (He just said the unnamed product stank like sh** and is a chemical irritatant.)

Etee washing machine cleaner does an amazing job and smells nice. I will definitely buy more.