Jumbo Mint Lip Balm
Jumbo Mint Lip Balm
Jumbo Mint Lip Balm
Jumbo Mint Lip Balm
Jumbo Mint Lip Balm
Jumbo Mint Lip Balm

Jumbo Mint Lip Balm

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Your Lip Balm | Our Planet

This winter, don't let the weather screw with your lips - Say Goodbye to Dry Lips (and plastic!) with this JUMBO tube of smoothing lip balm (it's the bomb).  With 12 grams (.42oz) of natural, moisturizing lip balm you get nearly 3x the typical 4.25 gram (.14oz) tubes you'd find at your local drug store - except without that nasty plastic tube! It's all housed in a biodegradable paper tube - good for you, great for our planet.

Mint Balm Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Peppermint essential oil, Wintergreen essential oil

This formula was tried, tested, tweaked then given final approval by  etee's Production Supervisor, Jackie (who has a mild obsession with her nighttime lip care regime) for etee's customers!

Please note: There is a PLA film around the tip of the lip balm, this product is commercially compostable.


Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Louise Bédard

Keep the lips moist for many hours. Like it very much.

Alissa Ward
Lip balm

My favorite lip balm. Period.

Cindy Wiebe
Nice lip balm

This is a nice lip balm (and I like the smell). Funny thing, I'm so used to the plastic containers and twisting them, it took me a bit to figure out how to "advance" it when it got lower than the container! My mom didn't have a problem, though, as she remembers when these containers used to be used before the plastic ones.

Kim Stanley
Useful in many ways!

This balm is great for dry cuticles! I keep a tube in my purse and another by my couch, where I sit to read. One day while listening to a podcast I rubbed the balm into my very dry fingertips, and it worked better than the cream I had bought for that purpose! It also doesn't melt in my purse, even when I leave it in the car on a hot day. Great stuff!

Megan Campbell

Jumbo Mint Lip Balm