Minty Vanilla Chewpaste (No Fluoride) - 1 Month Supply

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Minty Vanilla Chewpaste (No Fluoride) - 1 Month Supply

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Wow something to get usto that I like. Wow 3 day use so far , my teeth colour have changed to a brighter white. Wow. The first bit into it isn't that great but once you get paste the shew part it's great. Wow. Not after teast love the jar. Im just really over all happy. Also I teeth dont hurt.


I like how compact and efficient the little tablets are versus the mess that can occur with the squeeze out toothpaste. No more blue or white toothpaste residue in the sink! I've had no trouble adjusting from the cream type toothpaste to the chewable. I find the act of chewing the tablet gives me the sense that the cleaning process on the molars is more effective. For me, the environmental component of reducing plastic is icing on the cake!
My only complaint is that they are sold out!

New Delivery System

I received the chewpaste along with a natural toothbrush (which I also love, by the way). It takes a little getting used to, this masticating of the paste instead of squeezing it out of a plastic tube, but I'm tickled to find something that gets away from the plastic! The taste may take a little getting used to as well - I'm abnormal because I don't like peppermint, but this tastes more like wintergreen, which I do enjoy. As a child, we brushed with straight baking soda, so this is definitely an improvement! You'll probably notice a bit of saltiness in the chewpaste, but I can easily live with it. The new delivery system is a psychological adjustment, yet I'm willing to make the adjustment in order to (1), reduce the messiness surrounding traditional toothpaste tubes (2), do away with the plastic waste, and (3), clear space in the bathroom - the little bottle's cute and small-footprint, compared to unwieldy toothpaste tubes!

1 month supply for 1 person.

Brush your teeth naturally and free your mind of the burden of all those plastic tubes. Etee's Chewpaste features the detoxifying and anti-bacterial benefits of Canadian glacial clay, natural mint, and vanilla flavours, without suplphates, parabens & harsh chemicals.

How to use:

  1. Chew the tablet into a paste (will almost dissolve immediately).
  2. Brush with a wet toothbrush
  3. Smile in good health
  4. Repeat at least 2x per day!

What's inside?

  • Natural ingredients
  • Glass jar 
  • Natural mint and vanilla flavours
  • Vegan friendly ingredients

What's not inside?

  • Sulphates, Parabens & harsh chemicals
  • Animal testing
  • Artificial flavours


CANADIAN GLACIAL CLAY - has neutral pH and is high in calcium, magnesium, silica, zinc and helps to neutralize mouth bacteria or help to loosen it from the teeth, it can whiten and polish teeth and is even safe for sensitive teeth. This clay is gentle and has good detoxifying, anti bacterial and mineral nutritional properties.

KAOLIN CLAY - To whiten and polish teeth and is even safe for those with sensitive teeth.  

XYLITOL - Naturally sweet, cavity preventing bacteria reducer. 

ERYTHRITOL - Helps prevent bacteria from sticking to teeth.

DICALCIUM PHOSPHATE - Polishing agent.

SOCIUM BICARBONATE (aka baking soda) - A highly soluble cleansing and polishing agent.

BINDERS (to hold the tablet together) - HPMC, xanthan gum, Magnesium Stearate - all plant based.

NATURAL FLAVOURS - Mint, vanilla, Menthol & Eucalyptol)

CITRIC ACID - preservative

SODIUM LAURYL SULFOACETATE (SLS-A) - Makes chewpaste foam up, but without sulphates and the negative impacts of traditional foaming agents like SLS!