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Ditching Plastic Just Got Easier

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3 Sets (9 wraps)

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3 Sets (9 wraps)


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6 Sets (18 wraps)


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Here's what some of our current customers are saying.


Fantastic Product!! Great way to replace that yucky plastic wrap. These wraps stick to all my bowls and containers, and the bright colours look great hanging out in my fridge. They are easy to clean, store well in my drawer and keep food lasting a long time.

Andrea Gomez

San Diego, CA


The wraps are great. The 3 sizes are helpful and they hold their shape well. Ordered them at the same time as the canvas Tote and all were delivered quickly. Even liked the ETEE packaging they all came feel, thoughtful and true to it's brand and mission.

Helena Pogano

Elkridge, MD


I am trying to (slowly) transition into a more Zero Waste lifestyle and these are perfect. So far I've used them to wrap my lunch items - they're nice and light so I don't have to carry my big glass containers around. I couldn't be more happy! What a great alternative to plastic!

Pam Moore

Denver, CO