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My name is Steve Reble and we are etee (Everything Touches Everything Else).

How do you say etee?

Think etsy without the S.

We have organically achieved millions of views, followers and over 300,000 customers, and we’d like to share our ‘secrets’ with you!

Watch this video for how to go VIRAL with etee.

3 TIPS to Go VIRAL with etee (stay tuned to more in the coming weeks):

Check out these ideas and feel free to COPY our most successful videos in your own voice/style, and chances are, you will go viral, grow your audience and make money too!

1. The hook

The first 3 seconds are the most important to capture your audience. We use intrigue, pattern disruption and humour in those first 3 seconds to STAND OUT.

@shopetee Did you know that in 2021, the US shipped over 5 million imperial gallons of water across the country, for facial cleanser ALONE? That’s a lot of wasted emissions for something we have at home. Let’s break down the numbers. The average cleanser is roughly 5.2oz (150ml) and the first ingredient - at least 60% or 3.2oz (94ml) - is straight up H2O (water for those of us who get a little queasy with the periodic table). And 271 MILLION bottles of facial cleanser were sold in the US in 2021. That’s a lot of water, which also leads to a lot of plastic to store all that liquid goodness. Now, imagine if once every couple of months, you filled your own bottle with water, poured the remaining ingredients (2oz or 40ml), gave it a light shake and voila, you had a super high quality cleanser without having to create all those emissions OR associated plastic packaging. #innovation #skincareroutine #cleanbeauty @potatocat1.0 @liliesbikinis ♬ original sound - everything touches eve... else

2. Feeling, fun and facts:

To appeal to a wider audience, we blend

  • feelings (exp. baby turtles on the beach who are being harmed by climate change)
  • fun (exp. middle aged dude wearing make-up) and
  • facts (real science and statistics).
@shopetee Replying to @🤩 just imagine the global impact if most household items - body care and cleaners became concentrates. Reduce emissions, eliminate plastic packaging, all without compromising quality. Simple actions. @Lab Muffin Beauty Science @javonford16 #skincareroutine #innovation #zerowaste ♬ original sound - everything touches eve... else

3. Make it Shareable

Give them information they’ve never heard before and present it in an entertaining and uplifting way that will make people want to share it. Make it blow up by including your personal experience - in your voice and style - with our products.Our biggest shareable fact is 'did you know most facial cleansers are up to 90% water?'