Reusable - Compostable - Plastic Free

Plastic's Old School...

Like - Asbestos - Old School.

 Yet we're still strung out on the stuff...

But it turns out - for centuries - ancient Egyptians used beeswax and coniferous tree resins for a preservation process you're probably familiar with... mummification.

“Coniferous resins, the scientists [Stephen Buckley and Richard Evershed, of the University of Bristol] explain, can slow microbial degradation, whereas beeswax has antibacterial properties and serves as a sealant.”  (Scientific American)

So we applied those same principles to preserving - food.  



Our wraps keep food fresh by forming a protective, breathable and antimicrobial seal over produce and cheese, bowls, sandwiches and just about any perishable - all without the use of plastic.

They are reusable. They are compostable. They are Plastic Free.


Our Ingredients

Beeswax provides an antibacterial seal over perishables.  We also added 1/10th of non-gmo soy wax to our recipe to make the wraps stickier, which helps it to adhere to bowls.
Coniferous tree resin helps to prevent the beeswax from cracking when cooled, while also slowing microbial degredation.
Organic Jojoba oil is antibacterial and helps to soften the wax.
Organic cinnamon and clove essential oils are both antibacterial and off-set the sweet aroma of the beeswax.
All our ingredients are infused in an organic cotton muslin fabric that is dyed with non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes.

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Our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We believe, “Happy Customers” are the best advertising, which means if you’re EVER unsatisfied with anything you buy from us,  you have a full 60-days to try them out, during this time you can return your - used wraps - for a full refund.

Order today and try it out for yourself. If you aren't satisfied, just let us know and we’ll send you a 100% refund on your order. It doesn’t matter if it’s next week or 2 months from now!