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A natural alternative to plastic sandwich & snack bags

Organic   |   Reusable   |   Biodegradable

Preserve your food & protect your family

Try Risk Free for 90 Days

Bag them, use them, if you don't love them - let us know and we'll provide a full and prompt refund.

Say goodbye to plastic sandwich & zippy bags. Preserve your food and protect your family - naturally - with our reusable etee foodbags.

USDA organic beeswax, clove & cinnamon essential oils and jojoba oil

Coniferous tree resins from sustainable sources & non gmo soy wax

GOTS certified organic cotton

All natural ingredients means fully biodegradable

etee Sandwich & Snack Bags
last up to 1 year

1 Lunch Set

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Lunch Set

1 sandwich bag &
2 snack bags



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2 Lunch Sets

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Lunch Sets

2 sandwich bags &
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3 Lunch Sets

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Lunch Sets

3 sandwich bags &
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Absolutely. Here's the thing, if you're not happy, we're not happy, so if our foodbags are not what you expect, we will gladly refund 100% of the cost within 90 days.
etee sandwich & snacks bags are made of the same material that our wraps are. USDA certified organic beeswax, tree resin, organic jojoba and essential oils and a touch of non-gmo soy wax are infused in an organic cotton & hemp blended fabric bag.
Place your food into the bag then roll the top down and firmly press the top of the bag together. The warmth of your hands will help to seal the bag.
Our food sandwich and snack bags last up to a year. Of course depending on the food you are storing and how often you scrub and wash them will impact their longevity. They may - with certain foods like cherries - develop a darker patina, but as long as you keep grabbing for an etee food bag, it will continue keeping your food fresh.
After use, simply rinse in cool water - hot water will reduce the wax coating - and wash with an eco-friendly soap (avoid ethanol based soaps) with your hands or a cloth, just like you would a dish.
Once clean, stand the bag upside down, or hang to dry. Heck, you can be a lil' crazy, towel it dry and reuse immediately.
etees aren't picky about where they hang out - folded in a drawer or tucked into a bag, the key is that they’re ready when you need them.
Blue Sandwich Bag (8" x 9") - Good for sandwiches & left over pizza slices or larger snack portions
Green Snack Bag (6.5" x 5") - Good for cut veggies, fruit, crackers & cheese, trail mix, and baked treats
Teal Snack Bag (6.5" x 5") - Teal snack bag likes the same treats as the green snack bag ;)
30 days or less, yes! But they're not recommended for uncooked meat.
Avoid raw meats, long term freezer storage (more than 30 days) and any hot foods or microwaves.
Fair question! All of our dyes are non toxic and free of heavy metals, AZOs and formaldehyde found in typical textile dyes. We use a Certified Organic cotton & hemp blended fabric. Both the dyes and the fabric utilize very little water to be processed, of which a great portion is recycled. They are certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard - recognized as the world's leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres - which means they are also in compliance with social criteria. You can learn more here: