What Our Customers Say

Love the
Dish Soap
“Everything about the dish soap is wonderful. The packaging in the waxed pods is so clever. The enclosed directions were very clear. And the dish soap itself-smells divine (we got the citrus) and works beautifully. I will continue to order the soap! Thank you etee!!”
– Deborah
Even Better Than I Expected
“I adore Chewpaste. I wasn't sure what to expect initially, but after the first slight shock at the much-less-sweet than regular toothpaste taste, I was totally sold on this. My teeth feel so much cleaner! ”
Aloe Soap
“I've been using this soap on my face for a couple of weeks and I really love it. My skin feels smoother and softer and as an added bonus, the soap smells beautiful, like yummy licorice! Even better- no plastic!”
– Wendy B