Jumbo Cellulose Cleaning Cloths
Jumbo Cellulose Cleaning Cloths
Jumbo Cellulose Cleaning Cloths
Jumbo Cellulose Cleaning Cloths

Jumbo Cellulose Cleaning Cloths

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Your Paper Towel Replacement | Our Planet

*Please note Jumbo Cellulose colors may vary between green and yellow.

*Depending on inventory, you may be sent yellow or green.

Sizing in at 9.5 x 10 inches, these Jumbo Cellulose Cloths are the ULTIMATE paper towel replacement. Now with even more cleaning power without the single-use waste.

These Jumbos are amazing as paper towel replacements because they're super absorbent (1 cellulose cloth can replace over 17 rolls of conventional paper towel - no kidding!). They soak up 15 times their weight - perfect for mopping up big spills. They're particularly good at cleaning on all surfaces and super at cleaning stainless steel appliances. cellulose which makes them fully compostable, dishwasher & machine-wash safe and last for several months!  Less waste - totally plastic-free.

How to Use & Care For Your Jumbo Cellulose Cloths

Before your first use, rinse thoroughly under running water. Squeeze out excess water to increase absorbency. 

To clean, you can throw it on the top rack of your dishwasher, or in your washing machine. Don't tumble dry them though - that will make them sad :(. Just air dry them or reuse right away!


etee cellulose cloths are 100% natural, made of wood & cotton cellulose.

Customer Reviews

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Carl Olson
Reduce paper towel waste

We use our cellulose cleaning cloths in place of paper towels for so many routine kitchen and household cleaning tasks and they work so well. They are easily cleaned and reused over and over. We’ve only retired one to our compost bin thus far.

Kimberly Cunningham
These cleaning cloths are wonderful!

They are super absorbent and dry so quickly. I have a bunch and love the fact that they are eco-friendly and a great replacement for paper towels!

Diane Fuchs
I love them.

I love them. I use them all over my house. I always think that I am saving paper towels.