Natural Loofah
Natural Loofah
Natural Loofah
Natural Loofah

Natural Loofah

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You've heard about microplastics in our waterways, right? With these expandable Natural Loofahs you don't need to worry about little bit of plastic going down your drain as you're using them. 

Sourced from a family owned loofah farm in Guatemala, loofahs are the perfect zero-waste alternative to your bathtub poof. These dried gourds that are part of the cucumber family are great for exfoliating & cleansing your skin, but they don't stop there.

Grabbing a 6-pack of Natural Loofahs means that when one wears out from scrubbing your toes, you can replace it with a fresh one and move your old guy over to scrubbing your tub or sink! Hooray for multi-use.

How To Use A Loofah

Easy peasy! In the shower, you can scrub your loofah with soap and cleanse your skin as with a washcloth or sponge. Loofahs can also be used to stimulate circulation on dry skin, too! Some people swear by using loofahs in their household cleaning, scrubbing sinks, tubs & tiles really well.

How To Care For Your Loofah

Being a dried plant, loofahs do need to be cared for to avoid bacteria growth (as with any sponge or cloth). After use with soap, make sure that the loofah is rinsed very well. Allow your loofah to fully dry between use, going as far as giving it a towel-dry after use to help it along (best to hang it outside of your shower if you can to better dry it). Moving your bath loofah over to other household cleaning tasks every 3-4 weeks and replacing with a fresh one is recommended.

Customer Reviews

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Bit rough for my skin

I found the loofa a bit much for my sensitive skin. I will try it in housecleaning -- I think it will be good for scrubbing the sink and so forth.


Love that these come compressed and plastic free! It provides a great exfoliating clean.

Megann Eichner
Brilliant packaging!

This product arrives flat. When it becomes wet it expands just like it should! This is such an excellent way to package it! Because it arrives flat it is easy to send and not easily damaged! I love it!