Reusable Cutlery Set | Organic, Biodegradable

Reusable Cutlery Set | Organic, Biodegradable

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I (Steve) LOVE Poutine.  

It's a French Canadian classic that includes hand-cut fries, squeaky Quebec cheese curds and gravy (vegan gravy and cheese curds are now a thing too).  And the best Poutine is found at a chip truck, on the side of the road... 
The only trick is that it's ALWAYS served with a plastic fork.  And if you've learned anything about us to date, you know that we cringe when we have to throw out a plastic fork we've only used once.

Soooo.... we made this.

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Organic Waxed Canvas Case
We chose waxed canvas because it ages well, it's practical in that it repels stains (we're kinda messy) and it lasts a long time.  We wanted to use organic cotton canvas (turns out organic isn't just for food, it helps our environment and reduces toxic exposure to the farmers that grow it) and we didn't want any petroleum in the wax (that means no paraffin). It was hard to find either, so we waxed it ourselves using organic beeswax, tree resin and a soy wax mixture.  The liners are also organic cotton and all the dyes are GOTS certified (meaning they're non toxic, eco friendly etc. etc.)

Our cork twine (we got it in Portugal) was a fun find in that it's biodegradable, cool looking and fun to play with.

Organic Bamboo Cutlery
Our Bamboo cutlery is not only organic (again, we like organic because it reduces exposure to both farmers and fields), but it's also FDA certified and we went to great lengths to ensure that the oil we used to finish it is safe (there's some really nasty ones out there) and sustainable.

Washing Case
To wash the case, make sure you use cold water and an alcohol free soap.  Hang to dry and Bob is (in theory) your uncle.

Washing Cutlery
To wash the bamboo, just use dish soap and a little elbow grease (which doesn't make sense to me because I don't have greasy elbows, do you?)

Customer Reviews

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Great for eating at places with plastic!

I keep this in my purse at all times. Since I live in Florida, there are a lot of restaurants that serve very casually with plastic silverware. I've had many occasions to use my cutlery set and I love it. It stays put in the waxed cloth container and makes me feel morally superior to those who are using plastic forks and spoons around me. :)

Great little to-go pack

I have been using these for about a month though and find them practical and a nice way to make sure I always have a fork when I need one. The knife, understandably, is not very sharp, but on the whole this is helpful set to keep in my office or throw in my bag on the go. Plus, it is cute!

Just ok

I received this around Xmas of ‘18, so I have had some time with it. It arrived with a chip in the fork tine. These things happen. I’m not going to waste resources sending it back and getting a new one because of a little chip. The case is nice, and a great idea. The spoon...basic design, good spoon. The fork is meh. It doesn’t penetrate the food. And I’m not eating T-bones. Salad is tough with this thing. I’ve never actually used the knife. I view it as more of an instrument for spreading nut butters, and not cutting...which is fine. Overall ok, I keep it in my messenger bag and still use it a few times a week. But the fork needs an upgrade!!!