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A whopping 91% of plastic is never recycled, which means the rest goes to landfill our waterways or roams the land as plastic litter.

(National Geographic)

What’s even more concerning are the hormonal impacts of plastic - and it’s not just BPA - " turns out the chemicals used to replace BPA may have nearly the exact impact on the human body - hormone disruption - as BPA, according to a new study in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives."

(Time Magazine)

etee food wraps and food bags are a natural, better way to store your food.
They last up to 1 year and are fully biodegradable.

USDA organic beeswax, clove & cinnamon essential oils and jojoba oil

Coniferous tree resins from sustainable sources & non gmo soy wax

GOTS certified organic cotton

All natural ingredients means fully biodegradable

Customer Reviews

Love the wraps!

I believe these are the best natural wraps on the market, hands down. I tried a few other brands and none are as strong and pliable as this brand. Also, the material sticks to itself really well when trying to wrap a sandwich, or any other items, keeping the food fresh for many, many hours. more...



Convenient, takes up less space than Tupperware in my fridge, lunch-bag and storage in the cupboards! Lighter too for lunches and picknicks. Actually is water tight! Thank you to the inventors for making a usable, efficient and effective plastic alternative!!!! Keep up the good work.


These bags make avocados last forever

I had an almost ripe avocado that I put in one of the bags at least two weeks ago. If I put an almost ripe avocado in the refrigerator, not in a bag, it will be inedible two weeks later. I got it out today and it was perfect! Another bag is protecting more...


Food Bags

These bags are terrific! They're perfect for all fresh produce. Especially leafy greens, they stay fresh much longer than any other way. Thank you etee!


I feel soooo good ...

Every time I use your product I feel so good and proud that I am doing my part to use less plastic. I envision not using ANY plastic poison in the near future. I love it when friends ask me what I’m using to protect my fruits and veggies!! Being a vegan, I’m just wondering more...


Fantastic !

I started wrapping my husband's lunch using these bags. Everyone at work is asking him about them and he's been demonstrating how to use them. Love the ease of use. They're self-sealable and I use them for fresh herbs also. The only drawback ... more...



I am sick to my stomach of the waste my family has. This is the only planet we have. I saw these wraps and thought WOW! Also helps I love all things bees! Right at the moment I made myself a promise. No more PLASTIC! These wraps are fantastic, so FANTASTIC more...

Michelle Lyons

Only wish I had bought the bigger pack!

Love these products! They work really well, have a zillion uses in my kitchen and they look superb in my fridge :)