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Replacement Toothbrush Head 2PK

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Susan Bond
Replacements working well

I find it easy to replace the heads with no problems at all. A sustainable and simple solution.

Wonderful choice for brushing sustainably

I love the toothbrush option, and love that the bristles are made from castor bean oil!!

Great to hear John, thank you!

What Plastic

What Plastic is that? Not all of the bioplastics are biodegradable

Hey there! I'm not quite sure what you're asking... if it's about the bristles, they're made from Castor Bean Oil!

Your Toothbrush | Our Planet

We introduced the one & only etee Bamboo Toothbrush with a Replaceable Head - but now you need to get some replacement heads to have on hand - we can help you with that! Grab a 2-replacement head pack and you're good to go!

This detachable toothbrush head has 100% plant-based bristles made from castor bean oil. Hooray!

What else is in my toothbrush head?

A metal staple is used to clamp the the plant-based bristles into the brush, keeping them from falling out you're brushing your chiclets! It's a normal part of a toothbrush, and even plastic ones have staples in them too! When you're ready to replace your toothbrush head (dentists suggest every 3 months), simply replace with a new head and keep the handle.  To dispose of the used head, you can also remove the bristles from the head using a pair of pliers, which will also remove the staple, and compost the bamboo. The bristles are not yet biodegradable, but fear not, we're working on a solution!