5 Reasons Why This Cleanser is Going Viral... Everywhere

By Jackie Game

Last updated, July 1st, '23

5 Reasons Why This Cleanser is Going Viral... Everywhere

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1- It's a 'lifesaver' for sensitive, combination & normal skin

By combining gentle surfactants (below a 3 on the EWG toxicity scale), ceramides, glycerin and antioxidant food extracts (goji berry, ginseng, dandelion and cucumber) you get the best of natural science and gentle chemistry to clean your pores and wash off makeup without stripping - drying out - your skin's natural barrier.

2- It's the biggest skincare breakthrough of the 21st century

Big brands like L'Oreal want to reduce emissions and plastic by 2030, but that's too late, we can do better TODAY. 100 Million Litres of cleanser water is shipped around the world every year, who in the 20th century thought that was a good idea? By adding cleansing agents to drinking water at home, you get the same results without the emissions or plastic; making this among the biggest skincare breakthroughs of the 21st century.

3- "...it's good for the environment and it ACTUALLY works (even on DRAG makeup)? That sh*t never happens..."

So how do you remove makeup, dirt and grime without irritating your skin? Ceramides - lipids, or fats, that naturally occur in the outermost layer of the skin, also known as the stratum corneum. They play a crucial role in maintaining the skin's barrier function and overall health. CLICK LINK BELOW FOR MORE INFO.

4- It's made in Toronto (The 6ix) Canada & subject to some of the toughest regulations on the planet

The Canadian government has a Cosmetic Ingredient Hotlist, including hundreds of chemicals prohibited from use, such as: formaldehyde, triclosan, selenium and 1,4-dioxane — all which are allowed in U.S. products.

5- It's made with phthalate-free (zero plastic) packaging

Plastic packaging uses ortho-phthalates to make it squeezable. Dr. Russ Hauser, Professor of Reproductive Physiology at Harvard, thinks ortho-phthalates should be banned because it’s hard to know which products contain phthalates, and the health concerns are hard to measure because they are the everyday - everywhere chemicals. So we developed our own phthalate-free packaging using local hemp, algae, natural waxes, oils and tree resins.

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