Glass Soap Dispensers

Glass Soap Dispensers

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Style Black (Jar & Pump Combo)

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A perfect dispenser to house your new dish or hand soap!

Grab a 16 oz glass mason jar with a black pump top (with a plastic straw - this pump has the least plastic that we could source and is offered only due to popular demand).

Either option is easy to use, slick, classy and looks great on your kitchen counter. 

Customer Reviews

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Marla Ablon
Glass Soap Dispenser

Love it. Hope to have it around to refill for years.

Valerie Hubert
Mason glass jar

I really like the mason glass jar dispenser for my dish soap. I just wish the dish soap created more bubbles (surfactant) as I feel like I use more soap than I have previously.

Harriet Kawamata
Glass soap dispensers

Great to have such a thing…i am concerned that they may tip over. Could the next batch be shorter or heavier glass or just smaller maybe…similar to the plastic ones.