FINALLY | A Good News Story for Climate Change!

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Researchers who study our changing climate don’t often use the words “optimistic” and “climate change” in the same sentence. That’s because the situation is still serious. 

HOWEVER, in the largest ever global opinion survey on climate change, The People’s Climate Vote, researchers found that 64% of people consider the climate crisis a “global emergency”. And they’re shouting for change louder than ever before. 

The question is: Are world leaders ready to take real, impactful action? 

I think the answer is YES. Here’s are some examples ripped from recent headlines:

📰 New Zealand introduces climate change law for financial firms in world first

📰 Norway wealth fund withdraws from oil sector

📰 These Dutch cities will allow only zero-emission deliveries by 2025

📰 France to permanently ban many short-haul flights

📰 Denmark Passes Ambitious 'Climate Act' Making It Illegal To Ignore Climate Change

This is exciting stuff, isn’t it? We have more reasons to feel encouraged about climate change action than we’ve experienced in decades!

To celebrate this good news—and all the new policies we hope to see coming out of the UN Climate Summit in Glasgow this November— today is the LAST DAY etee is offering up to 70% OFF ALL ITS PLANET-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS!  That includes our line of concentrates that fights both plastic AND reduces emissions (CLIMATE CHANGE). As an added bonus, you’ll get a FREE SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER Bar if you spend $75 or more! But don’t delay—the sale ends today!


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