etee loyalty program

Welcome To Etee's Rewards & Loyalty Program

Earn points for making purchases, leaving reviews, liking our social channels and more. Have a friend you think will love etee? Send them a $10 gift card! If they use it, you'll get one too!
Earn Points
Get points on every order you place, for your birthday, leaving reviews, signing up, and following our social media channels.
Refer Your Friends
Think a friend will love Etee? Send them a $10 off coupon  through your unique link, if they use it, you'll also receive a $10 off coupon
Redeem Rewards
After gathering points you can use them to redeem rewards. 100 points is equal to $1 off, and you can earn other rewards like free shipping, and discount codes

How to Earn Reward Points

Place An Order

5 Points for every $1 spent

Review A Product

300 Points

Become a Member

200 Points

Celebrate Your Birthday

200 Points

Like on Facebook

50 Points

Follow on Instagram

50 Points


Discount Codes

Get discount codes up to 20% off

Free Shipping

Use 700 points to get a free shipping coupon!

Free Products

We will be offering free products soon!

Store Credit

Earn credit by referring friends, and you can get $1 off for every 100 points spent

How To Sign Up

1. Navigate to the bottom left of this page to the Cyan colored "Rewards" Button

2. Enter in your email in the "Email Address" field. It's best to use the email you've placed orders with in the past.

3. Check your email for a sign in link, no password needed!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the program free?
Yes! It's completely free and will sync with your existing profile that you've made orders with.
Do my points expire?
Your points do not expire! If we ever were to configure them in that way we would let you know ahead of time!
How can I sign up?
Use the cyan coloured rewards widget at the bottom left of this page and enter in the email you use or will use to place an order with us. It will then send a login like to your email, which you can click and you'll be all set!
How do I refer a friend?
Once signed in, find your unique referral link at the bottom of the rewards widget. If you send it to your friends and they use it, a discount code for $10 off will automatically be applied for them. If they place an order with that discount code, you will be sent a $10 off discount code in return.