How to Eliminate 14 single use plastics from your bathroom + 2 Essential Tools (You've probably never seen)

We do a lot of stuff in our bathrooms, and we use a LOT of stuff there.

Here are 14 things I've changed that have eliminated single use plastic from my bathroom.  Make sure to check out the 2 tools at the end too...they have made a huge difference for me (and saved me some $)

I was inspired to write this post this morning as I glanced at my shower. It was neat and tidy... I smiled, as I recalled the mess of bottles that used to litter my shower.   This morning, I  wasn't thinking of the reduction of plastic, but more the clutter.  Let's start with...

5 Plastic-Free solutions for your shower.

Etee Shower, Plastic Free Shampoo, Plastic Free Conditioner, Deep Conditioner and Body Butter

1) Facial Cleansing Bar - Charcoal & Aloe

Though it's called the "facial cleansing bar" , I use this for my whole body and face.  I like it because it's mild and doesn't leave much residue. (it's expensive but it seems to lasts forever so the cost isn't much)

2) Lavender Chamomile Shampoo Bar

This is my favorite.  I didn't think I'd like the smell of lavender, but it's very mild and I guess I do.  It's leave my hair soft, and feeling clean, with a bit of a nice tingly feeling on my scalp.  NOTE: You must rub the bar into your hair, not just on your hands and then your hair, otherwise you won't get enough into your hair.

3) Lavender Chamomile Shampoo Bar

I have short hair, so I don't need to worry about tangles, but I find this just makes sure my hair doesn't have a dry static feel.

4) Deep Conditioner

I don't use this as it was intended...I use it as an alternative to a stying gel, hair putty, bryl cream, or whatever else guys use so they don't go around looking like Lloyd Christmas. (Bowl cut, hair stuck to forehead)

5) Ginger Body Butter (Sold out right now)

I only use this once in a while if my skin is dry, and I usually keep it under the sink, but I thought I'd put it in the shower and start using it more, especially as it's getting dry here in the winter.

7 Plastic Free Solutions for your medicine cabinet.

1) Goji Berry Ginseng Dandelion - Facial Cleanser

Great facial cleanser that works and won't dry out your face.

2) Vitamin C Serum

15% Vit C Serum...very powerful, in bioactive form.   Helps protect skin from sun damage which is a big concern for me.

3) Ultra Face Moisturizer

Premium quality face moisturizer...super smooth.  

4) Mineral Sunscreen (SPF 30)

Reef Safe, goes on much smoother than most mineral sunscreens.

5) Prebiotic Deodorant Paste

My skin used to get irritated from the Old Spice, this took a bit of getting used to but it's works great and no irritation anymore.

6) Chewpaste (Sold out right now)

I didn't like this at first, because I didn't know how to use it.  You need to chew it first before you start brushing, and make sure you have the right amount of water on the brush.  Now I love it because it leaves no aftertaste or residue compared to regular toothpaste.  

7) Gently Minted Waxed Silk Dental Floss

I didn't include this in the pic because mine has no container, and looked kind of weird.  

1 Solution for your toilet and sink

....#13 in the list of plastic-free alternative for the bathroom is our 

Probiotic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Pro-Tip I use this for my sink too!  I found my sink sort of had a smell too it and was draining was my wife who only day put this down the sink....the bad smell hasn't been back for months, and the sink is draining perfectly.  Sure beats calling a plumber or using Drano/Liquid Plumber....there are some really nasty chemicals in that stuff.

#14 is the Coconut Scrub brush (not pictured...we are out of it right now,) 

I use this as my toilet bowl scrubber.  I don't use it very often because of the tool I'm going to show you next.

The 2 Essential tools

1) The Hand-Held Bidet (we don't sell them) 


I am very grateful to my friend who lived in Taiwan for 15 years for telling me about this.  Apparently in Asia they are standard, and I don't know why they aren't widely adopted here but they should be.  Toilet paper is only needed for drying.

I suggest you pick one up. (amazon has them for about $30) If you are handy and have a wrench you can probably put it in yourself. 

2) The Grabber ( I don't know what else to call it)


My father in-law left one at our house years ago, and it has probably saved me over $1000 and a lot of time.  It helps unclog drains and fishes whatever you dropped into a tight space out...and odd tool I thought I'd share.

note: If I had to choose the hand-held bit vs. the grabber.  I'd choose the bidet by a mile. 

That's a lot of stuff.

Hope that of some help to you!'

Thanks for caring about our environment and considering etee's solutions!



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