Packaging Disposal Instructions

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  • My experience has been that if you read all the words on the packaging that there are instructions. I’m thinking a simple TIP SHEET online would be great then you could have a QR code on the package that links to the appropriate section on the Tip Sheet. Saves printed ink

    Emma on
  • If the idea is to reduce packaging and waste then I feel instructions on the website would be the best solution. Because now you have to create a biodegradable instruction card in an ethical and sustainable way. Including printing and ink etc

    Cindy on
  • I really need information about package duspisal, even though things aren’t plastic! I have a large collection of lovely glass jars whose labels I can only remove with difficulty, do I can’t offer them for reuse. You should have something on the website immediately, then figure out a better glue, or start printing instructions on packaging.
    The trouble with instructions on packaging is that they’re written in font size 4 and thus illegible. Maybe a good graphic system would help!

    Bonnie Yelverton on
  • I would love information on how others use the was tubes. I have composted some but I don’t think they break down really well. I’ve cleaned and saved a bunch. I’d like to melt and use them for something.

    Maggie Pray on
  • I admire and support your focus on the environment.

    Laura on
  • Thank you for addressing this! I think I was the customer that asked about it – at least I was one of them. In addition to having instructions on the packaging, it would be helpful to also have it on the website. Thanks, as always, for listening!

    Caryl Price on
  • Hi. Some feedback. I love that you use recyclable items to package your products. Perhaps you could check into less weighty product packaging than glass. I travel often and I’m always looking for eco-friendly, lightweight packaging. Thanks for all you do for the planet!

    Dianna Leeder on

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