PELVIS POWER: the latest breakthrough in renewable energy

So get this,

The possibility for clean and green energy is literally everywhere, including your pants!  Okay… pelvis to be more exact.

Think about this.  Most cities have a subway, tube or transit system.  And how do people gain access to those systems?  Turnstiles.  That narrow gate with horizontal bars, mounted on a central axis that the passenger bumps forward with their pelvis.

Now imagine if you could hook up a mini turbine - think wind turbine - to the turnstile and use it to generate electricity?

But here’s the crazy part… you don’t have to imagine it, because IBERDROLA - a renewable energy company - actually built one in a Paris metro last year.  

They designed six prototypes, capable of generating 0.2 watts of renewable energy for a potential 900,000 daily watts from the subways’ 4.5 MILLION daily commuters.  

This would be enough energy to power an entire subway line and reduce emissions by more than 30,000 tons annually.

Now, keep in mind, this was really a demo.  Are we actually going to convert turnstiles into energy producing turbines?  Maybe, maybe not, but my takeaway is that it IS possible, and if this is possible, think of all the other options we have for renewable energy?  

We have the technology and we’ve proven we can build the infrastructure - think about how we developed a COVID vaccination in 9 months when experts projected 18 months MINIMUM - and there’s big money to be made in renewable energy, but we are lacking the political will.  

And that’s where you come in, what are you doing to help build bridges with the people who are blocking this from happening faster?  Hell, what am I doing?  I’m sure we could both do more today.  

Got a burning idea that we could rally the etee community behind?  Let me know!

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