There's something Lurking in your clothes...

So, picture this - you're sorting through your wardrobe, and suddenly, you're hit with the realization that there might be more than just fabric in your clothes. 


I totally get it because, a while back, Mandy and I were on the same boat. We went down the rabbit hole of BPA in clothing after attending a concert (story for another time!) and felt the need to spread the word.

BPA, a common chemical in consumer products, including clothing, poses health risks highlighted in studies. Risks include endocrine disruption, skin absorption, and oral exposure, especially concerning children. 

Now, how do you minimize your exposure ? 

Choose clothing made from natural materials (cotton, wool, linen, hemp) to minimize BPA exposure.Check labels for composition, prioritize basics in direct skin contact, and avoid washing polyester-rich items with other clothes. 

Prioritize a healthier lifestyle by staying aware of potential hazards like BPA in clothing. While GOTS-certified products are ideal, opting for natural materials is a practical step to reduce BPA exposure and safeguard your family's well-being. 

Oh, and speaking of toxin-free choices, check out this collection of organic cotton women’s underwear from Q for Quinn. They prioritize using organic cotton, which ensures that their products are not only gentle on the skin but also kind to the environment. It's a small but impactful step towards a healthier wardrobe. 



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