How Can WE Support Displaced Ukrainians?


Between the worries and uncertainty of the war in Ukraine, we’ve been trying to think of what it must be like.  Naturally Mandy thinks about the mothers fleeing with their children and I think of all the men who were left behind.

Between our worries and utter disbelief, I’ve been trying to think about how we - the etee family - can help.

Last week I got an email from my friend Jason asking for support.  He served in the middle east, has a background in logistics and is collecting items to fill a plane so he can distribute them to:

“some of the hundreds of thousands of displaced Ukrainians currently lacking access to basic necessities, as well as victims of the conflict. I need your help.”

In a call with the RED CROSS we got some clarity on what to put in the requested HYGIENE kits.  The answer?

  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Toothbrushes and paste
  • Feminine hygiene products

Awesome - we now stock ALL of those items - including the feminine hygiene products.

What’s even more interesting is that the RED CROSS said LIQUID PRODUCTS LIKE SHAMPOO are difficult to transport and distribute because they’re heavy and prone to leaking.


The last 2 years demonstrated that the quickest and easiest response to a crisis often results in more plastic pollution and environmental waste.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In this situation, it appears our shampoo bars and chewpaste are actually EASIER TO DISTRIBUTE because they are lighter and more durable than plastic packaged liquids.  


We were thinking that for the next week we would donate a hygiene kit for each order placed.  Have a look at the chart below for details.

Would you support this project?  How can we make it bigger and more impactful?  LET US KNOW IN THE COMMENTS BELOW

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  • I don’t need anything right now, but would purchase a donation kit if I could just do that

    Debra on
  • Willing to order need to know how to do this please. Sun City, AZ

    Mary on
  • I will definitely support this project

    Kathleen Bielas on
  • I love and support the idea here – but like some others, every dollar matters in our household with living costs increasing in major cities such as mine. Although I find earth-friendly products hugely important, products like yours aren’t in the budget for me. I would support a smaller, straight donation option that would allow you to send product to Ukraine.

    Allison L on
  • I, too, have been grappling with the whole idea of wanting to support the people of Ukraine in the best way possible. So I would be willing to support this idea, with two provisos: we need to know more about who would be in charge of distribution, and how you’d ensure that the items got to the people for whom they were intended.

    Sue Masterman on
  • Excellent ideas! It’s beautiful to see the support for those in need. Etee is a great company that values compassion as well as supporting a clean healthy planet.

    Jim on
  • Absolutely!!! I was talking with my husband yesterday evening as to what could we do to help out where the help would be most needed. Please let us know how we should go about joining in!!!

    Brenda on
  • I love this idea as well as options to purchase things direct from you to donate.

    Erin Wiggin on
  • Would love to participate this week. This is a great idea.

    Alexis on
  • Absolutely make a donation for purchases. I have a non-profit background so I’m always hyper-concerned about where the money is going / if it’s being eaten up in administrative costs. I would want to know more about how efficient/impactful the group is who would be receiving the products if I just gave you a donation. I’m not at all suggesting you wouldn’t put the money towards the project but how solid is the group you’re working with? Don’[t mean to be cynical but giving in a time of crisis always comes with some risk that the donations are not actually getting where they need to go. Thanks for your efforts!

    Marla Grant on

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