Zero Waste Eggshell Hack to transform cookware, nourish plants and sharpen blender blades?

Next time you crack an egg, keep the shell and try this little hack out.  (See notes and written instructions below)



NOTE: It works AMAZINGLY well to clean cookware, and I think it's pretty good for your plants, but I'm not convinced it sharpens blender blades.

Make sure to compost the leftovers, DON'T wash them down your drain as it could lead to clogs.

How easy is it?
It took me about 10 minutes of dedicated time - rinsing eggs, removing shells from water and blending / clean up.

1- Rinse 8 - 12 shells.
2- Put shells in large pot, ideally in a submerged steamer, and bring to light boil, then turn off heat and leave overnight.
3- Pull out shells and use leftover water for plants
4- Put shells in blender.
5- Mix blended shells with 3 - 5 squirts of etee dish soap (of course) and use to clean up stainless steel cookware.
6- Compost shells.

Have you tried it?  Would you try it?  COMMENT BELOW!

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  • I’m wondering if you could drink the water or use it for liquid in smoothies?

    Stephanie on
  • I’ve been thinking about it as I garden and compost as well as have some pans that need a good scrubbing.

    Pat on
  • I think this is a great idea for people who currently put egg shells in the garbage. Personally, I’ve been putting all my egg shells in the soil in my yard for years, at least 30, and have no reason to stop doing so. I’ve used baking soda to clean my stainless steel pans since I got them.

    Sue D on

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