What Products Should We Produce in 2021?

Posted by Steve Reble on

It’s that time again - the time of year where we start planning what products to release in 2021!

So….  What DO YOU think we should launch in 2021?

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  • Plastic free dishwasher Machine detergent. I have used other companies and they don’t work great. Anti aging face cream.

    Meghan on
  • Concentrated dishwasher detergent

    Jen on
  • Biodegradable garbage bags

    Leanne Phillips on
  • Definitely agree with a plastic free deodorant. I have very sensitive skin. I can use the crystal deodorant but it is hard to find without packaging. Everything else gives me a rash. What about a concentrated powder toilet bowl cleaner? Add a teaspoon to the bowl, mix and clean! I am very sensitive to strong scents which can give me migraines. So unscented versions of all products are appreciated.

    Linda on
  • More scents for your existing products.

  • Tooth tabs for sensitivity

    Tooth tabs with fluoride

    Kitchen trash bags. My municipality requires trash be in bags or they won’t take it! I’ve tried the compostable varieties but they tear and break creating more mess than good! I’ve also experienced those bags breaking down in the box before I’ve used them.

    Sonicare replacement heads. Ive found one that exists but the reviews are not good.

    Jacki on
  • Ironic doing this using a plastic keyboard and a plastic mouse looking at a monitor built with plastics. Looking around if I cleared my desk of plastics – what would be left?

    Claire on
  • A lot of the cleaning/personal care supplies people are asking for already exist at Grove.com. Like etee to be different and being something new in.
    Dog shampoo bars?

    reusable vegetable shopping bags ( instead of using the bags at the grocery) I have some reusable ones but they aren’t plastic free :(

    *affordable Pens with NO plastic – red blue black purple, h-liter style, white board style
    Dental floss folders ( bamboo? )

    Claire on
  • Lotion that is not a bar would be amazing!

    Laura on
  • Lotion that is not a bar would be amazing!

    Laura on

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