PLASTIC FREE JULY '21 - We want your feedback!

PLASTIC FREE JULY is an annual global movement that aims to raise awareness of plastic pollution and encourage us all to make a commitment to reducing waste.  

This year we're planning a big sale Starting July 10th to continue our mission to make Plastic Free Living accessible for EVERYONE. And we want to know:

Submit your answers below :)

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  • I just want to try first. Is the plastic really disintegrated? Your price is pricy!

    Becky on
  • Deodorant in cardboard or tin dispenser?

    Monica Côté on
  • I love the chew paste and the laundry sheets

    Heather on
  • Dentist approved chewpaste for Sensitive teeth would be a great addition to your product line.

    Roseanne Copithorn on
  • Hi, I would love to see plastic free deodorant from ETEE. Do you have any plans to produce one?

    Sylvia on
  • I love the shampoo & conditioner bars! Good suds, washes out clean, smells good.

    Kim Stanley on
  • I’m trying to become plastic free. I’ve tried many new products and liked most of them. I’m trying products from several different companies to figure out which ones I like. I hope to sample more of yours.
    Now, if the US could come up with a way to buy a gallon of milk, without the plastic jug, I’d be plastic Free!!

    Linda kay on
  • Even though I was not happy that the shampoo and conditioner set did not have the same scent, I really love how they make my hair feel. I have already given one of each to my daughter-in-law and my son for traveling. You may have two additional customers from that sharing experience. I hope so!

    Ida L Tino on

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