Citrus Dishwashing Kit
Citrus Dishwashing Kit
Citrus Dishwashing Kit
Citrus Dishwashing Kit
Citrus Dishwashing Kit
Citrus Dishwashing Kit

Citrus Dishwashing Kit

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Think that plastic-free dish washing is impossible? Think again! etee's  got you covered with this ultimate Citrus Dishwashing Kit!

To keep your ongoing dish washing mission completely sorted this kit includes: 

3 Pods: 1 etee cellulose cloth, 1 loofie scrubber, one pump top dispenser and 3 citrus dishwashing pods. 

6 Pods: etee cellulose cloths, 2 loofie scrubbers, one pump top dispenser and 6 citrus dishwashing pods. 

9 Pods: 3 etee cellulose cloths, 3 loofie scrubbers, one pump top dispenser and 9 citrus dishwashing pods. 

The etee cellulose cloth is 100% natural and made of wood & cotton cellulose. Our Loofie Scrubber (affectionately known as our "loofie") is a combination of the gentle scrubbing power of the fibrous loofah plant and the spongy cellulose-cotton cleaning cloth, which makes for reusable & biodegradable dish cleaning with absolutely no plastic. Our Dispenser is a 16 oz glass mason jar with a black pump top (with a plastic straw - this pump has the least plastic that we could source and is offered only due to popular demand). The wax-based pod makes 400ml /13.5oz of our plant-based liquid dish soap concentrate - all of which is completely biodegradable.  Packaged in our one of a kind, backyard compostable Beepods (tm)!

Ingredients: alcohol ethoxylate (plant-derived grease-cutting agent), polyglucoside (plant-derived cleaning agent), amine oxide (plant-derived cleaning agent), hydroxycellulose (plant-derived viscosity modifier), etee proprietary blend of essential oils

Customer Reviews

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Miriam Leeser

This is a great product. We have been using it for years.

Love it

I was very skeptical about the dish soap, especially because of the 'don't expect synthetic foam' message. I followed the instructions to mix the soap and was very surprised to see that it formed the gel-like consistency of bottled dish soap. When I used it, it suds-ed nicely, and it smelled good! The scrubber and cloth are also very nice - the scrubber works well and the cloth is very absorbent. I'm glad I saw the 'ultimate mature thirst trap' videos on TikTok and was convinced to try etee products!

Amanda! You get a special response because we LOVE hearing that you saw the Thirst traps. So good. Joshua is an awesome guy, thanks for letting us know.

Sara F-K
The perfect all-in-one kit!

I wasn’t sure what to get for my zero waste journey in the kitchen. I’m so glad I chose the dishwashing kit! The loofie spong is great. It scrubs sticky labels of jars for reusing, stubborn food residue off dishes, and more, without any scratching. I made sure to use hot water when reconstituing the dishwashing soap concentrate, and within a few minutes it was the think gel consistency you’d expect from a conventional dishsoap. The little cloth thing is perfect for wiping down the counters at the end of the day or wiping up spills. The jar/soap dispenser is definitely handy, although you could probably get away with reusing a different container if you had one lying around. I feel good knowing that there isn’t any plastic waste generated from this purchase. The beeswax tube was a little odd, but not difficult to open or squeeze, although I’m not sure what to do with the empty tube, as I don’t have any beeswax wraps to refresh, nor do I have access to composting right now. You do get a ton of soap, with the three tubes of concentrate.

This would make a great housewarming gift or anytime gift for the folks in your life that might need a little nudge to go ‘green.'

Citrus Dishwashing is ok

Have been using the dishwashing kit for a few weeks. The dish soap is just ok. I find it starts out fairly thick but gets really watery near the bottom meaning you have to use more pumps to get enough soap on the dishes. I tried really shaking the second pod but got the same result.