Jumbo Mint Lip Balm
Jumbo Mint Lip Balm
Jumbo Mint Lip Balm
Jumbo Mint Lip Balm
Jumbo Mint Lip Balm
Jumbo Mint Lip Balm

Jumbo Mint Lip Balm

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This winter, don't let the weather screw with your lips - Say Goodbye to Dry Lips (and plastic!) with this JUMBO tube of smoothing lip balm (it's the bomb).  With 12 grams (.42oz) of natural, moisturizing lip balm you get nearly 3x the typical 4.25 gram (.14oz) tubes you'd find at your local drug store - except without that nasty plastic tube! It's all housed in a biodegradable paper tube - good for you, great for our planet.

Mint Balm Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Peppermint essential oil, Wintergreen essential oil

This formula was tried, tested, tweaked then given final approval by  etee's Production Supervisor, Jackie (who has a mild obsession with her nighttime lip care regime) for etee's customers!

Please note: There is a PLA film around the tip of the lip balm, this product is commercially compostable.


Quantity 4 Pack
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Customer Reviews

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Patricia Sneddon
Eco- friendly and lasts a LOOONG time

I have tried quite a few varieties of lip balm in cardboard tubes. And this is the brand I have settled on. I’ve been using for 3 years. I like the mint flavor and the size of the tube is so efficient from an environmental point of view. It’s all good!

Mary Shivell
Jumbo Mint Lip Balm

I like the lip balm very much, and am thrilled with the recyclable paper tube.my husband and daughter like it too. It is something I will puchase again.

Ruth Duerr
I love this stuff

I like how smoothly this stuff goes on even in really cold weather. And it makes my lips feel great! Moreover, I pop the spent tubes into my compost! What’s not to love?

Best lip balm

Used brand name lip balms for decades, 10-12/day. Use this 2/day with much better results. No dryness or chapping.


My kids and my favorite lip balm!

Alissa Ward
Lip balm

My favorite lip balm. Period.

Kim Stanley
Useful in many ways!

This balm is great for dry cuticles! I keep a tube in my purse and another by my couch, where I sit to read. One day while listening to a podcast I rubbed the balm into my very dry fingertips, and it worked better than the cream I had bought for that purpose! It also doesn't melt in my purse, even when I leave it in the car on a hot day. Great stuff!

Jodie Stauffer
Best lip balm I have EVER used!

This is the only lip balm I've used that made my lips feel soft and moist rather than even drier. I love the texture and smell, and love the environmentally friendly packaging! Please make it forever!!

Joanne Golden

Jumbo Mint Lip Balm

Julie Kipp
etee back on track

Dear Etee, you seem to have gotten back on track after your shipping and supply chain problems - so yay!

Thanks Julie! You are 100% right. Wooo, that was a tough one. Thanks for sticking with us!