Cocoa Mint Jumbo Lip Balm
Cocoa Mint Jumbo Lip Balm
Cocoa Mint Jumbo Lip Balm
Cocoa Mint Jumbo Lip Balm
Cocoa Mint Jumbo Lip Balm

$24.00 USD

$26.00 USD

Cocoa Mint Jumbo Lip Balm

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Kelly Spagnola

Ugh I’m so happy this exists. Feels the best when applied at room temp - the texture, scent, and slight tingling sensation makes this lip balm the absolute best. Love keeping it on my bedside table.


I'll have to be honest, I didn't like this scent combo at first. I even wrote the company letting them know this and to ask if there were to be more options in the future. But, it works SO well I continued to use it anyway. Now I'm weirdly infatuated with it! I guess it just took some getting used to.
I use lip balm more times in a day than I care to admit and this one is absolutely phenomenal. Long lasting hydration, not greasy, and a very smooth mouth feel. Could not recommend more!


Love this!!! My lips don’t get dry, crack or peal anymore. There isn’t really a flavor and it’s light. The scent can be strong in masks; but I’m getting used to it. I will only buy this lip balm from now on.

Your Lip Balm | Our Planet

This winter, don't let the weather screw with your lips - Say Goodbye to Dry Lips (and plastic!) with this JUMBO tube of smoothing lip balm (it's the bomb).  With 12 grams (.42oz) of natural, moisturizing lip balm you get nearly 3x the typical 4.25 gram (.14oz) tubes you'd find at your local drug store - except without that nasty plastic tube! It's all housed in a biodegradable paper tube - good for you, great for our planet.

Cocoa Mint Balm Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Peppermint essential oil, Wintergreen essential oil

This formula was tried, tested, tweaked then given final approval by  etee's Production Supervisor, Jackie (who has a mild obsession with her nighttime lip care regime) for etee's customers!

Please note: There is a PLA film around the tip of the lip balm, this product is commercially compostable.