face cleanser isaac

Sustainable Skincare Without Comprise

Etee's facial cleanser concentrate provides quality skincare benefits without the waste.

Plastic-Free Packaging

Made With Aloe, Vitamin E, Ceramides

Concentrated Formula Reduces Shipping Emissions

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

A Formula as Clean as our packaging

Vitamin E

Anti-inflammatory properties reduces imperfections caused by inflammation


Prevents moisture loss keeping skin hydrated, plump, and supple.


Reduces appearance ofblemishes and scars on your skin

Other Natural Ingredients

Cucumber, Goji Berry, Lemon, Ginseng and Dandelion.

Facial Cleanser is up to 90% water.

Why are we trucking all that water around the world, burning extra carbon and making extra packaging for something we all have at home?

Instead of contributing to the problem, we designed these pods to be a concentrated refill system that you could dilute yourself at home. The result is a backyard compostable pod containing facial cleanser concentrate made with a blend of high quality ingredients, that also cuts out tons of emission from shipping water.

we're more fun than your typical cleanser

  • 01.

    Fill up dispenser with water

  • 02.

    Rip open beautypod at the end

  • 03.

    Squeeze from the opposite end into the dispenser

  • 04.

    Apply the same you would with any facial cleanser