Etee Facial Moisturizer

Unlock the power of ALGAE

Small batch fermented to increase collagen production & moisture retention, while reducing plastic and emissions.
  • Health food for your face

    “This is a great moisturizer. Verye ffective but light, not greasy. Doesn't anger my sensitive skin. Full of good ingredients - feels like health food for your face.”
    • Kate G.

Retain up to 20% more moisture

We use Euglena gracilis - a small batch fermented algae to produce a crystalline form of beta-glucan that triggers collagen production and retains 20% more moisture than hyaluronic acid.

By combining this beta-glucan (which draws moisture from within the body) with clinical doses of hyaluronic acid (which draws moisture from outside the body), Squalane, Vitamin E and other proven ingredients, this is a top quality, one of a kind moisturizer that is as good as the mainstream brands without any toxic ingredients in the lotion or the packaging.
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Algae Derived Beta-Glucans
  • Squalane
  • Backyard Compostable Pod
  • Plastic-Free & Compostable Packaging
  • Made In Canada

100% Backyard Compostable Pod

Shouldn't 'clean' skincare be stored in equally 'clean' packaging?

Our patent pending, plastic-free packaging is 1/3 the weight of glass, 100% backyard compostable and can go on your skin worry-free.

This packaging includes a rare strain of Ontario hemp, Euglena Gracilis (the same algae that's in our moisturizer), natural waxes, tree resins and oils.

Our beautypods were developed as refill packaging solution to offer a gentler, and more natural way to transport clean skin care products.

Beautypods Are Made Of

  • Algae
  • Hemp
  • Beeswax
  • Other Natural Ingredients

How To Use Our Face Cream


 Cut & Squeeze Pod Into Supplied 



Apply to face in the morning and/or night. 


Rinse and breakup pod into soil or compost

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