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chrysalis beautypods

The Future of Face Cream

chrysalis beautypods

The Future of Face Cream

  • Made In Canada with Hyaluronic acid, beta-glucans & squalane
  • Provides up to 20% more moisture retention
  • Backyard Compostable Packaging comprised of hemp, algae, and organic waxes.

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Cut & Squeeze Pod Into Dispenser

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Apply to face in the morning and/or night.

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Rinse and breakup pod into soil or compost

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20% More Moisture Retention

Interview with our resident PHD Candidate, Kayla Hu, from The University Of Guelph, talking about the unique benefits of our Algae Derived Beta-Glucan.

20% More Moisture Retention

Our beautypods are the first to feature Euglena Gracilis, an algae grown in fermenters (much like beer) here in Ontario, Canada. This controlled environment produces a highly pure and crystalline form of beta-glucan, which can retain up to 20% more moisture than hyaluronic acid.

First identified in wound care research for its ability to enhance skin repair, beta-glucan offers similar benefits for daily use - in moisturizers - by triggering collagen production to keep skin youthful looking - you know, less wrinkles, more GLOW .

By combining beta-glucan (which draws moisture from within the body) withclinical doses of hyaluronic acid (which draws moisture from outside the body) Squalane, and other proven ingredients, you can be confident these Canadian made - and regulated - products will moisturizer and protect your skin.

Packaging as natural as the ingredients inside

Packaging as natural as the ingredients inside

Shouldn't 'clean' skincare be stored in equally 'clean' packaging?

This next generation packaging includes a rare strain of Ontario hemp, Euglena Gracilis (the same algae that's in our moisturizer), natural waxes, tree resins and oils.

While glass is good for storing products, its weight leads to more emissions. Our patent pending packaging is 1/3 the weight of glass, 100% backyard compostable and can go on your skin & back to the earth, no worries.

Our beautypods were developed as 'refill' packaging to offer a gentler, and more natural way to transport clean skin care products.

  • Backyard compostable
  • ​Free from pthalates and other ingredients known to leach from plastic packaging
  • Manitoban grown Hemp, Ontario grown Algae and American grown waxes

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Facial Moisturizer
Chrysalis Beautypods

a facial moisturizer pod and glass jar

Facial Moisturizer
Formulated with beta-glucans, squalane and hyaluronic acid.

Our facial moisturizer will retain up to 20% more moisture due to it's unique formula featuring hyaluronic acid, Squalane & Euglena Gracilis (Algae derived beta glucan). You can rest easy knowing the pod packaging solution is 100% backyard compostable, and is made locally in Ontario, Canada.

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