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Small batch fermented to increase collagen production & moisture retention, while reducing plastic and emissions.

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β-glucan, Enhanced Skin Regeneration

First identified for its ability to accelerate skin repair, beta-glucans trigger a natural immune response, increasing collagen production to tone, plump and moisturize all skin types.

"β-glucans enhance wound repair by increasing the infiltration of macrophages, which stimulates tissue granulation, collagen deposition and reepithelialization." (Juraj Majtan,* and Milos Jesenak, National Library of Medecine, 2018 Apr; 23(4): 806) {NOTE: highlight this quote]

Our moisturizer is the first to feature Euglena Gracilis, a locally grown, batch fermented (like beer fermentation) algae  that produces a highly pure and crystalline form of beta-glucan.  By growing it in this controlled environment, we increase the quantity of Beta Glucan, and decrease the environmental footprint.

By combining beta-glucan (which draws moisture from within the body) with clinical doses of hyaluronic acid (which draws moisture from outside the body), Squalane, Vitamin E and other proven ingredients, this is an effective moisturizer for your skin and our planet.

  • Hyaluronic Acid - for moisture retention

  • Plant derived squalane - for 

  • Euglena gracilis - a small batch fermented algae that produces a highly pure beta-glucan, which can retain 20% more moisture than hyaluronic acid.

  • Canadian made - in the Toronto region - where the regulations are among the most strict in the world.

20% More Moisture Retention

Choose Organic Packaging.

Our packaging is as natural as the ingredients inside. It can be repurposed, reused and fully composted right in your back yard.  Because it's made with the same algae that's in our moisturizer, along with a local strain of hemp, natural waxes and resins, it won't leach harmful toxins.  In other words, it's good for you and our planet.

Only 9% of Plastic is Recycled.

Apart from the 9% that gets recycled, another 12% gets incinerated, while "the vast majority—79 percent—is accumulating in landfills or sloughing off in the natural environment as litter. Meaning: at some point, much of it ends up in the oceans, the final sink." -National Geographic

20% More Moisture Retention

How To Use Our Beautypods

1. Rip the pod open at one end

2. Squeeze the pod from the opposite end and aim into dispenser

3. Use moisturizer morning and night

4. Rinse pod and compost

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